5 Tips to Turn Marketing Leads Into Sales

1. Measure. Establish metrics to accomplish your marketing and sales goals to help you understand what is working and what’s not when the campaign goes live to avoid jumping to conclusions and avoid costly mistakes.  An example:

  • 100 Leads
  • $40/Exclusive Lead
  • 40 Leads Contacted
  • 20 Leads Qualified
  • 10 Leads Meet
  • 2 Deals Closed
  • 20% Closing Ratio
  • $60,000 Total Revenue
  • 7% Marketing Budget

Once you know your Closing Ratio you will have a realistic view of how many leads and how much cash flow it will take to make the sales revenue goals you desire.

2. Avoid Delay. New leads should be contacted within minutes while the project is top-of-mind and before another vendor is contacted.  Pre-qualify the leads based on the criteria necessary for Sales to have a shot at making a sale.

3. Systematize. Use cloud technology to your advantage.  A CRM will help you avoid dropping the ball on leads by keeping track of every step in the sales process.  Created template responses for brand consistency when following up with prospects.

4. Accountability.  Regularly review metrics to identify roadblocks and opportunities to improve performance throughout the sales funnel.

5. Revise.  Discuss with stakeholders and make changes to improve overall results by striving to influence the metrics for each step in the marketing and sales funnel.  Figure out what’s working and what is not to put more money and effort into sources and methods that get the best results.

Our Complete Business Development Package provides a turn-key solution to grow your business.  It includes a website and marketing campaign to generate exclusive leads.  Leads reside in a CRM you can use to review lead sources based on prospects sold.  Coaching available to help improve overall results.

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